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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  February 3, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman. are you ready for some great video? let's get started "right this minute." we're calling this one j-palooza. streets, lights, sirens and the canine unit. but that's not the end of it. see the ugly scene where the suspect was finally yanked out of his car. >> they're pulling him in six different directions. >> you guys hungry? >> because this guy has insulation you can light on fire and shove down your gullette. >> i've been eating this off and on for five years and i'm perfectly healthy. >> the campaign to save cougar town goes viral.
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now one of the stars tells us new ways die-hard fans can view the show. >> the response to these viewing parties has been so overwhelming. >> and meet the guy who has been serving icy lake michigan. >> so why? it's time to get things started, and gayle has our top story. >> part of a 25-mile police chase was caught on dash cam video, and charleston county, south carolina. but what happened after they got ahold of the suspect has sparked a state investigation. investigators say it all started when suspect timothy mcmanus almost hit sheriff al cannon's car. so he turned on lights and sirens, and the chase began. shortly thereafter, gunfire gets the driver to stop. and as you can see right there, the cop is coming to the scene, hits another car. they pull the suspect out of the car. and they start hitting him. and you think, okay, they've got their guy.
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but that's not the end of it. that is a police dog. you can see a sheriff's deputy patting the dog's back while he's biting the suspect's arm. [ sirens ] >> they're like pulling him in six dierent directions! >> what's their objective here? it's like -- trying to contain him, it looks like he's not giving up to put his hands behind his back. >> they get him in the back of a police cruiser, and then the sheriff makes an admission. he says, while the suspect is in the police cruiser, handcuffed, he hits the suspect. >> i slapped him with my open han. i said, you could have killed a lot of people out there today and i slammed the door. >> i'm not condoning what they did, but you've got -- you've never been in that situation. >> but you've got to contain yourself. you've got to act professionally. >> in retrospect, that was wrong. that's not something i would accept with my folks.
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and it's clearly not something that i would accept of myself. >> guys, take a look at this dash cam video from a metro bus. >> whoa! holy cow. did it flip the bus? >> it looks like it flipped the bus. but no, that's actually the camera being jostled. what you're seeing, two angles of a dash cam from a metro bus in bethesda, maryland. and a toyota tacoma truck passes the median and hits head on. as you notice, the driver is quickly turning the steering wheel as the truck is coming toward her. she is being praised for her swift actions. because she did that, she saved other passengers from being more severely injured. this incident happened a few days after christmas, on december 29th. authorities are just releasing this video because they completed their investigation on what happened. they do think the toyota tacoma
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was at fault. the driver of the tacoma was killed. and the bus driver was trapped inside the bus. they had to pull her out, and is she was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, and several of the passengers were also taken to the hospital with injuries. >> that bus was going -- yeah, it was going about 40 miles per hour. you've got to imagine the truck coming the opposite direction is probably doing about the same. that is a terrible accident. man, that happened so fast. >> me and my brother, we come out here, this is our home state, our land here. >> rudy and his brother, they generally go out on their land near the water to look for arrowheads. and in finding arrowheads, they stumbled upon what turned out to be a woolly mammoth fossil. >> cool. >> the most amazing thing is, i would not have seen that, and assumed, oh, look, that's something special. i would have assumed it's a rock. >> that's what i wondered. did they know they found something special? did it look like a giant
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elephant lying in the mud, or did they call somebody in? you know? >> the back of it right there was a jaw -- we realized it was a jaw. it was wider. she has an extra layer of teeth. >> so he called archaeologists at the university of oklahoma, and they believe it is a woolly mammoth fossil that is about 11,000 to 20,000 years old. the woolly mammoth went extinction 10,000 years ago. >> gee. >> that's incredible. >> all that finding all these years may have put them in the mud to begin with. >> i don't know if they found the weapon that killed the mammoth, but they did find a tool that they believe was used to dress the woolly mammoth after a big hunt. >> take him down. >> yeah, i want to go out there with a pick and fossil brush. do . >> do it. follow your dreams. >> she has left the show to look for fossils.
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you guys hungry? >> yes. >> yes. >> always. >> see if this gets your appetite going. we have seen a video like this in the past. a guy demonstrating some super insulating phone. >> these are our cabinets. >> these guys are in a foundation in riverside, california, their research and development foundation that works on these things. but you see, he's mixing around this foam. he's got it on his hand. >> this is what they asked me to do. >> he purposely puts this blow torch, 7,000 degrees, directly into his hand. >> what? every part of me wants or docto somehow. >> real. >> absolutely real. >> look -- 20 seconds. >> the big selling point, according to this guy, about his product, his compound here, is that it's biodegradable, nontoxic and recyclelable. and to prove that point, takes a big spoonful and eats it. >> all i'm going to get out of it is a little burping,
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probably. >> does it taste good? >> doesn't look like it. >> i've been eating this stuff, you know, off and on for five years. and i'm perfectly healthy. i'm a healthy man. >> i bet he doesn't get heartburn. >> but we can't have toxic materials put on our house and in our environment that is recycled into the waterways and gets back into the food chain or the water chain, because guess what? we have to eat it and drink it. >> he's saying this is a alternative to different fire retardants that is safe for the environment. >> backs, blemishes and bed head. all of the signs of morning for face. see why these ladies are bearing the wake up-no makeup look. and 30 degrees, chunks of ice and a surfer. >> paddling out, mittens on his hands. >> meet the guy.
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♪ welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. how confident are you guys first thing in the morning? no makeup, bed head, first thing in the morning? >> not my best. >> my hair parties a lot at night. so it's like -- does its own thing, 2:00 in the morning, it's like -- >> there's a website called xo jane, and some of the people who write for the website put pictures of themselves first thing in the morning. and they got such a response, they asked people who visit the website to post their pictures. these people posted these photos themselves, along with little stories about what's going on here. like this woman here from sacramento, california. and kind of looks like she is surprised she is taking her own picture.
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>> she does. does she know she is taking her own picture? >> this one thing cheated a little bit. i feel like she put on lipstick. >> yeah, she has lip action on. >> she says she went out with friends, steak and plenty of wine. >> it could be makeup from the previous night. >> or stains from the wine. notice she has glasses on. she says in her story, i often fall asleep with my glasses. a bad habit. >> i usually wake up and i'm lying on them. >> this woman says this is my third day post heart surgery. >> wow. >> she is from st. louis, and there she is, first thing in the morning. >> is this an ongoing thing? >> they say in the article, if you are inspired to send us your photos too, part two is coming. >> i think we should all embrace our morningness. >> our morning faces. as we have learned on this show, snow doesn't stop anything. not even sports.
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to russia, snow carting. guys racing on ice and snow, doesn't blow them down a bit. this is a professional championship race. a lot of guys who race professionally in formula one, nascar, start racing go-carts. some guys may go on to rally racing, which is racing on snow, dirt, ice. >> some of these things look like radio flyer wagons with steering wheels. >> pretty rad looking. the tires are gnarly like snow tires on your car. >> they get pretty fast. >> some of the wheels coming up off the ground as they go around the corner. >> yep, lifting the front inside wheel off the ground. this part of the video cracked me up a little bit. the start -- you know when you're in a slow-moving vehicle and you're like come on, come on, come on. watch this. >> is that what that guy was doing? >> they're all doing it. watch.
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>> it was like the -- >> go, go, go. >> see, they're wagons. >> i thought it was just a really bumpy snow patch. >> you know what, i guess that -- i'm going to go with -- [ making riding sound ] >> next time on "right this minute." >> i i had a connection with th person. why didn't we trade phone numbers? >> you know what, i got to track that guy down. >> that's next time on "right this minute." ♪ he's the master of the flying disks, and one of our favorites. >> it's cool how they start this video. >> brodie smith's latest frisbee trick shot reel. and ping-pong, doggy style. we're checking in with people's pets, coming up next.
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a lot of the surfing videos we show are full of sunshine off the coast of some island somewhere. this one is quite a bit different, because this guy is surfing in lake michigan. mike killion is a 24-year-old chicago-based photographer, out there with his long board, 9'6" long in one of his favorite spots. pretty cool. the water is 30 degrees. it's snowing. the air temperatures are in the 20s with the wind chill. so it is freezing. >> so what you're saying is it's
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cold, steven. >> yes, it's a little bit cold. you see him paddling out. here he is actually catching a wave. >> did he get a new board for christmas or something, can't wait until summer? >> this video is from january. is he crazy? how the heck does he surf in lake michigan? let's find out we have mike killion joining us from illinois. were you a surfer, and were you out there to get some cool images? why were you out there? >> probably say i'm a surfer first, photographer second. both are strong passions of mine. the weather doesn't keep me out at all. the equipment today is outstanding. it keeps me out there anywhere from two to four hours at a time without ever feeling cold. >> so why? >> most people that haven't surfed say you must be crazy. the day i'm out in the video, i say it was anywhere from four to eight feet, maybe a little bit bigger on the outside set.
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just the feeling of being on a wave and riding it, not thinking about anything else, and you just are in absolute bliss. >> so instead of worrying about sharks like surfers in the ocean, you guys are worried about running into ice. >> yeah, that's pretty much our biggest change in the winter. and there's chunks literally the size of cars floating like i icebuic iceber icebergs. >> everybody loves pet videos. and i have a great video of a really funny dog at check this one out. >> good way to tire them out. if you don't want to go for a walk, playing ping-pong, send them out there. >> it cracks me up, because he never stops. he's like an energizer bunny. head pops up, goes up, pops up, goes down. pops up, goes down. this is like the most awesome game of keep-away ever. while i was hanging out with pets, i also found this article. going to get you up to date on
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your celebrity zoo gossip. >> favorite find of celebrity gossip. >> don't you wonder what's going on with the hawks? >> every day. i wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and say what could the hawk be doing right now? >> the hoff actually spent the day at a zoo down under. to be more specific, the taronga zoo, and he was there with his little love interest. do you know who his love interest is? >> haley roberts? >> way to read, steven. way to read. humor had it that these two had just gotten engaged and then went to the zoo for a little frolicking with the animals. but the hoff told "people" magazine that they are not, in fact, engaged. but this was just a little outing down under. but it does look like they have fun. >> i bet you that kangaroo right there had the inside scoop. probably does. are they, aren't they. >> probably wrote it down and stuck it in his pocket. >> beth always gets to say this to you guys. but today we're taking over.
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go to yeah, lots and lots of great videos, 24/7. take that, beth troutman! ♪ and it's a cult favorite. see how the viral campaign to save coopertown is spreading all the way to the super bowl. >> it's a show that's really relatable. [ female announcer ] pillsbury presents:
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it was a fashion show in orange county, california, and it fascinated me. it was hosted by vanna white. she is great, but that's not what fasnated me the most. it was theact that the fashions we all happened in anad shot by eugene garcia for "the orange county register." >> can you believe what they can do with yarn these days? >> you don't see yarn dresses like that everyday, do you? >> my biggest issue with knitting is most of the stuff that is knit is ugly. and finally, some cool knit stuff. van asays she knits, like behind the letters. >> i always have theian behind the puzzle board. i'm always crocheting between rounds. >> don't they make dresses a lot like out of wool? >> but somebody did that with their hands! >> i am going to defend all my
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fellow knitters out there. i think knitting is cool. >> everybody's favorite frisbee trick shot master, brodie smith. we've seen him a million times. he's back again with a new video, this time taking his talents to treasure island, florida. and as you can imagine, he and his buddies are getting creative. cool how they start this video. >> just a frisbee lying on the beach. what could be underneath it? >> oh. hey, guys. >> so they set this whole video to the song "for you" by time flies. ♪ >> picked out some favorites. they did some at night, with glowing frisbee. easier to see, but i've got to say, probably pretty scary to try to catch that thing, if you're running after it. >> this one is cool. he's up here on the rock wall, back hands it, nails it in the garbage can. >> that was another edition. >> love brodie, love his frisbee
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talents. why does it always have to go in a trash can? >> haters gonna hate! haters gonna hate! >> i do like his creativity in one particular attempt. he dedicated a frisbee toss to mel gibson. >> to mel gibson. he has a frisbee stuck in the sand, he runs along grabbing frisbees as if they are -- they're using frisbees as weapons. i think brodie smith was in the lead. you may or may not have noticed, but "cougartown" the show starring courtney fox is conspicuously absent from the lineup right now. >> i thought it was cancelled. >> it is not cancelled. they have a premier date february 14th. bill lawrence, the guy who created "scrubs" also created
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"cougartown" reached out through social media. he had these showing parties where fans can come out and see a screening of the show. >> o. >> that's cool. >> we wanted to find out more. so we have one of the stars of the show, visi phillips via skype. welcome to the show! >> thanks for having me. >> tell me how bill lawrence decided to go around the networks. >> he felt really strongly this was the way we were going to connect to people. we have so many loyal fans, but our fan base should be bigger. and people still, you know, unfortunately, think the show is about old ladies trying to get with younger dudes. and that's just not what the show is about at all. >> you're premiering again on february the 14th, which is exciting. do you think that social media played a part in abc setting that date for you guys? >> the response to these viewing parties has been so overwhelming. and you know, having all of these super critical entertainment sites making a lot of noise for our return, i think that abc got the message.
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>> how are you going to continue or top this current online campaign? >> by word of mouth. by getting our followers to spread the word. we're hoping that we can bring in the ratings to keep the show on the air. >> so if it's not about women my age and what they're doing in the bars on friday and saturday nights, what is this show about? >> it's about a group of adults who has made each other their family. it's a show that's really relatable. >> tell me about these viewing parties that bill lawrence has set up. can fans still head out to them? >> i'm doing one right now in v mix and coming up in the next couple weeks, they're going to be in philly, boston and i think two in new york city. another one in los angeles, as well. >> i just saw the tweet that if people are seen at the super bowl holding up a sign that says "cougartown" returns february 14th at 8:30, they get a walk-on role on your show. >> i'm sorry, the super bowl?
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>> yes. that's it for this edition of "right this minute." we leave you with one more look at snow carting in russia. stick around because the top ten countdown is on the way. -- captions by vitac --
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